Follow Your Guru But Not Blindly!

When you look for a guru, look carefully. You will be amazed to know that through your self-improvement many gurus of today are only improving themselves, financially. This is where most personal development gurus will separate themselves. Most personal development guru’s want you to buy something now. They need your commitment and will tell you that this offer or opportunity is going away in so many days. Maybe they have a great product or service, but that coercion, that need to rush in and make that decision fast without ample time to really examine, contact, discuss or counsel with anyone will lead you down the wrong path. So, all it comes down to you.

If you think you can judge a person, whether he is the one, who will guide you on the journey of self-improvement then why not guide yourself? All you need to do is, be sincere to yourself, no shying away from the negatives within you. What a guru can do, you can do better than him. Don’t think that you cannot, self-improvement is mostly about Can and Can Not, your mind plays a major role and you are the Master of that Mind. There are many parts of Essence living simultaneous lives. Part of you may always stay in higher realms and this is your Self that is a spark of essence, which permeates all creation, and which is Creator. You are Sons & Daughters of this pure essence, co creators of all what you see & experience.

From this view, isn’t it possible we are able to channel the higher wisdoms? As, isn’t that tapping into a higher force, fountain of the wisdom that we are a part? So, why do so many of us select to go to some others to hear these messages? Admittedly, at times of emotional trauma it can be comforting to go to others for guidance and reassurance. These experiences, perhaps, can be viewed as the valuable stepping-stones, which eventually lead to the question “Are they more capable to tap into the source than you are?” So, here are a few examples of the things that many people might want to improve. All of these are some of the things that a few people would like to see improved. You are the only one who needs to know exactly what you want self-improvement for. So, how do you start down the path to self-improvement? You have to take time to find a self-improvement program that is correct for you and you don’t need to pay to get them & it is not very hard to find them. You have to get online & do some research to find the real teachers. Often you will learn only one thing from one teacher, and take the teaching from another and piece it together to complete the puzzle for yourself.