Inner Wisdom

Events-the New Year, completing a project, finishing school, a relationship or beginning something anew- often compels us to be introspective, with a desire for deeper insights about oneself. You might want to understand the origins of your desires, overcome limiting behaviors, or seek a better understanding of your motivations.

The most effective way to feel more connected with your inner wisdom is to spend quiet time to go within or in meditation. Begin by releasing any worries or tension from your mind and body. When you feel completely relaxed, focus inward and connect with your inner guidance. In this peaceful silence, you can ask specific questions, or allow insights and hunches to float into your mind.

Connecting with your inner wisdom allows the insights and answers to your questions to be there for you. Though you might feel that you know yourself completely, you can often find yourself stuck in self-defeating behaviors or limiting behavior patterns. By connecting more deeply with your inner wisdom, you will tap into a consistent flow of knowledge, insight, and enlightenment that is available to you at all times. As you connect with your spiritual wisdom, you gain a clearer understanding of your actions, and you can work to dissolve inner blockages and obstacles that keep you feeling stuck. Your journey through life then becomes focused and productive, as you create a life that is fulfilling and rewarding. The answers and insights you seek can be found by tuning into the deepest and wisest part of your inner self.